All OverSeas (AOS) is an organization providing all kind of support services to the Shipping and Trade industries in Baltic countries.

Our aim is to efficiently bridge all seaborn trades with inland transportation and storage facilities, delivering our customers integral, speedy and safe logistic solutions.

All OverSeas (AOS) enjoys close working relationship with terminal operators, harbour authorities and port service providers backed up by long professional experience and ethically adhered principles of business.

We put all our efforts to defend our Clients' interests by ensuring and providing:

  • Responsive and flexible service
  • Speedy turnaround and minimization of costs
  • Operational excellence
  • Strict compliance with health and safety requirements
  • Fair way of business
  • Client’s interests above interests of the company
  • Unrivaled know-how
  • Individually tailored approach
  • Access to valuable and commercially interesting information
  • Logistics: Supervising and Forwarding
  • Efficient and productive bridging of vessel, terminal and shore administrations

As a company we feel that knowledge of local peculiarities is often decisive and it enables us to maintain confidential, reliable and positive-oriented contacts with people who make short and long run decisions in local shipping and port industry. We look forward to continue dialogue with long-term Partners and establish relations with new Clients on the basis of mutually assured and fairly gained profit; courteous and competent, professional and friendly attitude to business.